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Friday, June 11, 2021

Body Inertia Brakes for bikes, the road test

Finished for now.

First trip actually had a purpose, to take plastic bags to a local recycling centre

Repurposed folding handlebars. The bars now double as handbrake levers.

Brake cables are in free air in the stem but change to go through outers near the brakes.


 The brakes I was making in my last post are finished now, at least enough for a few short rides from which I emerged unscathed! The pictures and this video tell the story. The trick is to always pull on the handlebars unless you want to stop. That includes when indicating and riding with only one hand on the bars.

There is a bit of tweaking to do, for example there are 2 collars on the stem which means the bar is looser than it could be, and the feel on the bars is different right and left which could be improved a bit. Anyway I will do a bit more local riding and see how it goes.


Steve Nurse 

Update June 15, 2021: The stem has been taken apart for brazing, bog filling and painting. Previously the stem had 2 collars to keep it together, and the brazing will eliminate the lower collar. The bog filling and painting will make the whole thing look better, various unused holes and cracks will disappear.

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