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Sunday, June 13, 2021

50k warmup


Fairing mod from front wheel end. I put in a new bit of wood which raised the fairing a cm or so, this stops my right foot rubbing the inside of the fairing which is a major improvement!

Same mod seen from the back wheel end.

Mordialloc kiosk, coincidentally it features in the latest Jack Irish TV show.

The ring of Dan Andrews, ie, my current coronavirus travel limits. Mordialloc kiosk is just outside my travel limits, and I didn't turn into a pumpkin or get arrested!


In a few days some of Melbourne's coronavirus restrictions should be lifted and soon after that (with luck), I should be able to travel to  Temora in New South Wales for an Audax 600k ride and Great Southern Randonee qualifier. So 600's a long way and I've been training quite hard on some local hills and also attempted a 300k ride in the Otways. So today (Sunday) was an easy flat ride out to Mordialloc and back, and coincidentally almost completely within our current coronavirus travel regs.  

Nice day for riding, cool and with a slight breeze. I was quite happy with 30kph speeds along Beach Road.

Regards Steve Nurse

Update June 15, 2021: Another ride of about 50k yesterday. I set the Garmin gps going for 3 laps of the Kew Boulevarde . The route needs a tiny bit of tweaking to be accurate to what I ride. Either I eliminate the small loop at the bottom from the Ridewithgps route, or just ride the extra loop. For Audax rides, I would like to keep the same average speed for longer distances, ie 100 kilometres or more. I'm thinking 20kph hills = 30 kph flat.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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