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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Rear View Glasses for Bike Riding

Aki with the glasses in his hand

Mirror panel at outside edge of glasses: "Warning, toy glasses, does not provide protection"

My friends Aki and George came over last night for dinner.  The excuse was to pass Aki's Flevo bike back to him after fixing.  We didn't get that done as he came by bike, and instead had a barbecue in the backyard and sat around drinking beers in the balmy weather.

But Aki had a trick up his sleeve and when he arrived showed me his rear view mirror sunglasses which he uses for bike riding. They are labelled as a toy (and Aki got them for $3.00 from an Op Shop).  I managed to track them down on ebay here .  They seem like a reasonable option for getting a rear view while riding a recumbent or any bike. But for me they would have to be worn over my vision-correcting eyeglasses which is what Aki does.  Anyway, at about $9.00 including postage they might be worth a try. 

Aki at least had a sit on the Flevo and thought it was ok (It was too big for him before).  Here is the photo of the bike in its new state, it can be compared to those shown here

And while we are on show and tell and to partially explain my nerdish concern about rear vision technologies for bicycles here are a few photos of my current helmet setup.  It has moved on a bit since I started here.  The latest changes are removing some of the corflute and visor right next to the helmet.  This should let air escape easily and help stop the helmet flipping up when travelling at speed, which is inconvenient and definitely embarrassing!


Steve Nurse

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