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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Around The Bay 2018

Lineup at the start, tea & coffee & biscuits provided.
My trike, second from right

Rick Harker's Cattrike Musahi

On the 12 O'clock Ferry which

most of the riders I saw on the route caught.

A selfie.

The end of the year came round quite quickly last year, and when I checked the weather for the upcoming Buckley's Ride date (6th of Jan ) it promised to be neither hot, nor horribly wet or windy, so I signed up for the ride, which is a 217k jaunt (ok, tough ride, but moderately flat) around Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay.  Buckley's is Audax Oz's cheap and cheerful ($6 plus food plus ferry fair) version of The Bicycle Network's Around the Bay in a Day ride (Up to $205!)

For a few days prior to the ride I did 2 25k loops of a hilly circuit near to where we live, and I used the wireless speedo on the bike to ensure I kept a steady pace (usually 10k minimum) up the hills.  This training stood me in good stead, and the speedo was useful on the actual ride too.

Saturday, the day before the ride was hot, 41 degrees I think and my wife and I spent most of it inside.  I was fettling the bike and watching television, I checked tyre pressures, bought in supplies of bananas and biscuits and filled the water bottle.

Next morning I was off early and rode to the start at Albert Park.  There were a few familiar faces there from previous years and events like Ian Knoz and Rick Harker.

The ride to Queenscliff went quite well.  There were a wind-protecting bunches to ride in and for most of the way to Geelong did about 27 kph and made the 12 o'clock ferry.  Across the heads in Sorrento I rode with Rick and Ian for a while, but hared off with a fast bunch of Bendigo riders soon after. Haring doesn't do much good though, Ian and Rick caught and overtook me near Frankston.

In the end I was in by 5pm, a good result in my book.  I was happy with the way the trike went.


Steve Nurse

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