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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

OzHPV Challenge 2017

One Tree Hill After Hill Climb

Overall Winner Graham Signiorini (right) with Struan Little 

Spring Gully rail trail with with Kevin Crockett

Lineup of Bents at the Koolamurt Scout Camp

Paddy O'Sullivan, oversized Unicycle

Dome Deli winning the Miss and Out.

Simon Watt's front wheel drive "Albatros" tourer.

Rail Trail near Axedale

Me in the off road

Graham Signiorini, Off road.
This year’s OzHpv Challenge was held in Bendigo and the early arrivers at the scout camp were treated to a ride in to Bendigo and out to Axedale along bike paths and led by Kevin Crockett.  The paths are pleasant, meandering and shady and we stopped at Kennington Reservoir for a short time. 

In Axedale itself we had a great afternoon tea at the Axedale pub, (3 OzHpv’ers and 4 Bendigo locals) before riding back to town along the main highway.  Kevin is building his own velomobile complete with electric assist and radio gear, and is planning to help his mate Graeme build a trike next year. We had a mutual friend in Lloyd Charter from Albury and even discussed using the Barec clubrooms for accommodation at a later challenge. 

Later at the Spring Gully pub, we caught up with Simon Watt and his friend Dave who had toured from Bendigo to Geelong over 3 days, Simon on his Albatros bike, and Dave on an electric assist tourer.  Simon is getting keen on the electric assist idea, as Dave’s return journey of 180 heavily laden kilometres was knocked off in 8 hours or so. 

Next day, races were held at the Tom Flood Velodrome in town.  We had 2 unicyclists among the recumbents. Racing with them was fine and everyone participated enthusiastically in the come and try sessions.  Low racer recumbent?  Check. Front wheel drive moving bottom bracket tourer? Check. Front wheel drive, fixed bottom bracket leaning trike? Check.  Rear wheel drive recumbents with Pete Heal carbon seats & tailboxes? Check.  Racing trike chassis from carbon fibre? Check. Fat tyre and large wheel unicycles? Check.  Dome Deli paid for 3 race entries and used the most appropriate of his bikes for each race, knowing full well he wouldn’t accumulate points when he switched bikes.

Graham Signiorini won the event overall as well as winning the Master’s trophy.  Dome Deli came second after winning every event but on a variety of bikes, and our newly elected treasurer Richard Ferris was third.

Overall Bendigo proved to be a good place to hold the challenge.  Should the Challenge be held next year at Bendigo? It needs more input from more groups to get crowd and participant numbers up.  There are many Bendigo local Pedal Prix trikers and keen Albury and Adelaide triking groups who could be involved in the social and racing aspects of the challenge. 

(This is an abbreviated version of the Challenge article from the OzHPV magazine, "Huff".

Here is a link to Several videos.

3d Videos by Dome Deli
Offroad Circuit Race - with Stephen Nures Richard Ferris Graham S & Unicyclist Peter F -
My 2D Videos

Steve Nurse

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