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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Preparing for Ozhpv Challenge

Plastic Pot plants from recycle centre (right) will do the job of extra traffic cones, and they are very cheap at 5 - 10c each.  I am an old hand at this, having sourced cones for the Corryong event several years ago.

Newly created arrows for road race guidance.  Timber from a dumpster, laminated A4 paper, paper clamps.

Mr. T., the Miscellaneous Rolling Thing as detailed in the last post.

Shopping Race Items, the race will have 2 riders racing against each other, they will have to pick up and deposit the shopping, otherwise receive a time penalty.

Left to right, Junior, Women's, Men's and Senior trophies.

Hi, for the last few days I have been preparing for the OzHpv Challenge in Bendigo, and some of the results can be seen above.  The trike I will take is on sale through ebay, here is the link, and there is a photo of the trike below with one side cover removed . Off to Bendigo tommorrow.


Steve Nurse

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