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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Building a New Bike, Part 10

Graham Signiorini and his Rans X-stream

Saturday was spent putting a corflute tailbox on the bike.  During the day I built the base which is one relatively thick and strong piece of 5mm corflute sheet and the nightshift (about 9 - 11.30) was spent building up the side walls.  No lid on the corflute tailbox at this stage.  There was a ride the next day so I was more or less ready for that.

John Kuljis and Graham Signiorini
  So the next day at a bit past 9 O'clock I am on my bike and heading over to the start of the VicHpv ride which starts at East Malvern station.  The bike goes well but it needs a mirror - and some of the unpadded seat bolts are ripping the arse out of my bike shorts!  I get to the station on time and there are a few familiar faces, Robert Waryszak, Graham Signiorini, John Kuljis and Allan Ball.  Graham has a Rans Xstream which has a layout a lot like mine and we put the bikes side by side to compare them.

  After a bit of a chat the ride group headed off.  I had no intention of going on the full ride and neither did John Kuljis but we managed to lose the rest of the ride group quite promptly and enjoyed a short ride together along the Gardiner's creek trail.  On the way home I stopped at an Aldi store and was able to fit a slab of beer into the bike.  Not sure if my current bike can do this but I'm very pleased with this result on the new bike.  When I got home, one of our neighbours was helping her daughter to weed our garden.  Apparently their chooks love to eat weeds and they were in our place to collect some!  All for now.
The beer pickup on the way home.
Our Wonderful Neighbours (beer in back of bike)


  1. Cool, not sure if I would drink Aldi beer, but I am a connoisseur ;) . Yep chooks do like weeds, but they also like other useful garden plants, they don't really like to discriminate

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