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Monday, July 25, 2011

Building a New Bike, Part 9


Some progress over the weekend.  I hooked up the second of the bike's brakes and replaced the aluminium stem (which was several types of wobbly all at once) with a brazed-in steel version.  Much better and neater than before.

The inner trouser guard was rubbing badly on the chain pins in low gear and these left marks on the trouser guard.  With a bit of grinding I put a chamfer and radius into the guard.  Works much better now.

I started work on the back of the seat, I've been formulating plans for the rest of the bike for a while and the milling work I've done will help make the corflute on the back more aerodynamic.  A couple of blocks of  wood on the back will let me hook up a load carrying platform.  More on this later.

The machine is becoming useable now and after a rainy morning (on the day after Cadel Evans was within a whisker of winning the Tour de France) I headed off in to the city to see a Design exhibition at the Exhibition buildings.  There were a few bikes and bike related objects on display so I took a few photos: unlike last time I'd ventured out with a digital camera I remembered the sd card / film. So here is one of my bike's long lost cousins at the "Treadlie Home Made Bike Show".  There are a few more photos from this bike show here.  My friend Jeremy Lawrence was at the bike show and I rode a round - about way home with him, city, to Clifton Hill via Richmond.   Bike goes well but there is a noticable pedal-steer in the low gear range. Till next time....

Steve Nurse.    

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