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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Building a new bike, Part 4

A wet and wintry day in Melbourne and a day spent mostly around home except for a small excursion or two on the bike. My son Ewan was home and he helped me a bit with the bike building, he was temporarily employed as a human vice grip, holding some parts in place with pliers while I welded.

So today's progress has been good and I "only" have the seat and steering and corflute box left to do.

* Brazed V - brake bosses on behind the front fork.
* Bought a 14-28t cluster for the front and ordered a tyre for the back.
* Very happy with the way the mini v-brakes fit on. Cabling will be very minimalist and I still have quite good (15mm or so) clearances from the brakes to the front wheel. Front wheel can be standard 700c with no special hub for disc brake: as light and as aero as you wanna go!
* Also happy with the suspension and top seat clamp arrangement, on my current bike, its a mess with lots of extra and unnecessary parts.

All for now, on the road within 2 weeks, all going well.


Steve Nurse

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