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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Steve's Seed Starter Part 2

Seedlings grown without (left) & with the seed starter

This is a brief report on the seed starter I made a couple of weeks ago.  You will need to got here to see the start of the story.  As I trial, I planted Salad Rocket and Pak Choi seeds in 4 pots of 2 different types.
  One of each of the styles of pots had a "Steve's seed starter" placed on top.  The trial took place during Melbourne's winter with some rain and temperatures from about 13 to 20 degrees C.  So the results can be seen in the photos.  "Seed starter" seeds which have had a protective, warming, humidifying cover over them seem to be doing a bit better than their "kept naked" counterparts.

My wife Christine was not aware of my experiment and planted a Purple Sage bush in one of the pots.  So the second photo is giving mixed messages!  All for now, I will report on further developements.
Not quite co clear cut!

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