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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Building a new bike part 11

Bike after Change
Yesterday I spent some time on some bike surgery.  The rear triangle of the bike wasn't as I wanted it as it included a bulky fork crown which ended up inside the tailbox.  This wasn't very good because sealing the tailbox from sprayed up water and removing the tailbox become difficult when the crown is so high.  So the surgery involved chopping off the seatstays, attaching a new crown and rejoining the new bracing part to the old top point of the rear triangle.

Today I went on the monthly B-Spon ride from St Kilda to Williamstown, a chance to test the new bike surgery and meet a few friends.  During Saturday I had bought an inexpensive tripod and was keen to use it.  I read the camera manual and found out how to do "with me in it" delay photos.

4 front wheel drives in a row, John's Xevon, mine, Warwick's Cruzbike, Robert's
L-plates using the Auto Timer.  I am at the left.
Graham S's Rotovelo: John K holds forth.
Ken Smith on the Trike and Graham S in front of the iconic "cow in a tree"

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