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Thursday, November 2, 2023

OzHPV Challenge and Rally Day1


Will Reid and Jason Forbes

Caf break at Larry's

Steve, Will, Jason, Caf stop at Larry's Best St. Wagga

Mount Austin - I thought this was a flat park with gentle bike tracks,  but its hilly, wildly undulating, and some small bits of path are steep gravel.

Jason and Will, panoramic view

Local Newspaper article

I have been in Wagga for a bit over a day now, staying at a scout hall, and venturing out for a ride today with Jason and William - me on my bike, and Jason and William on trikes. What I thought from the map was going to be an easy ride through parkland turned out to be a quite tough trek over Mount Austin. But we got great views and there was a great cafe stop at Larry's in Best Street - the first place we saw after coming down from the mountain and over the train line. 

It was also great to get acquainted with this mountain and its accompanying phone towers. These are visible from all over Wagga, and having conquered the mountain I can now use them as a reference point.  Last year the Thursday and Friday rides were lead by Pete Heal and Lindsay Wilson, and started from the scout hall. But this year, I lead one ride, and a group of us rode to the start of the next where Pete Heal took over, so I'm starting to get my bearings. A bit.

We came home a much quicker way, through the town and fairly busy streets, and some gravelly bike paths. 

 The Challenge races start Saturday, we'll have another ride with a few more participants tomorrow. Regards Steve Nurse

Follows on to day 2!

Panoramic view #2

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