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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Challenge and Rally Day 3

Lindsay, a very colourful Wagga local trike rider.

with a very visible flag.

Rob Leviston and his home made moving bottom bracket front wheel drive.

By remote control: Tim was stuck down in Geelong on Day 1 due to covid but had sent up the event schedule which worked quite well. As per instructions, I set up the shopping race, and Dome did the obstacle course.

Duncan Macdonald is into his 70's but competed with aplomb on this fron wheel drive Performer bike.

Michael Taylor oversees the shopping race: we had witch's hats, half full drink bottles, packets of chips, sticky tape, sticks and rocks as shopping. 

Domes setting up the obstacle race.

Duncan Shopping race

Adam Hari, Shopping Race

 Day 4 info follows


Early Evening: OzHpv AGM

And a bit later at the Rules club - that is Aussie Rules, a type of football played in Australia. We were there last year when I arrived by bike and noticed the football on a plynth.
This year's kitch is the neon sign including Aussie rules goalposts and ball.

Inside the rules club.


Saturday was race day 1 at the challenge, and William was up early and bustling about getting equipment ready.

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