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Friday, November 3, 2023

Challenge and rally day 2


Duncan and Pete, Lake Albert.

Meet with Pete, start of the official ride near a bike track near the base of Mount Austin

Adam, Michael, Duncan

Adam, Jason, Michael

Duncan on Airnimal folding bike

Scout hall, William, Michael behind counter and Adam

Day 2 and we have a few more hpv'ers rocking into town. We shifted our bottoms a bit earlier and were out and about in time to meet Pete Heal for a ride to Lake Albert, around Lake Albert and back. Around lunchtime I managed to find an op shop, and bought a few glasses and a shirt - at this stage my fluoro short had been worn for 2 sweaty days straight. 

Now we're just back from dinner. Our fearless leader Tim is stuck in Melbourne with covid, and we are carrying on regardless, printing copious waiver forms, entrant lists and event schedules with Pete, Will and I doing admin, and Dome bringing the prize packs.

One more big sleep and we are out at the track, yippee!  

Admin corner with Will and Dome

Bike fettling corner with Rob and Michael

Op Shop haul, I found some of the vintage car glasses for sale on ebay here.

Day 3 story follows here

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