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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

I don't do Hills Prelude


Dropped some carrot cake off at George and Chris's before training.

My bike fell on my plastic tool box which was sort of the last straw for it. Had the same box in yellow stored in the spare room, so am able to use that now.


After completing Buckley's Ride last month, I am back for more and have signed up for the 200k Audax I Don't Do hills Ride around Cobram.  The ride was a nudge for me to visit my Aunt Mary who lives nearby, and the visit to my Aunt Mary was a nudge to do the Audax ride!  Anyway, I've done 3 training rides sofar and will record all my training rides here. I'm feeling good, and don't think I've completely lost the fitness gained prior to and including Buckleys. Wish me luck, will report more soon.

 Update Feb 9, 2023

Strathmerton Op Shop and some purchases shown below.

Decor lunch box complete!  The same as the tool boxes above but with bonus water / ice bottle thingy. Ah! Thats what the ridgy / ribby things in the side are for. To keep the bottle in place. Hmmmm.

Some Splork (spoon, knife, fork all in one) type things. Good for a laugh when my girlfriend Mary and I have our next carrot cake.

Near Barooga



After a slightly frustrating night on the computer trying to upload ride with GPS (route mapping) data to a Garmin bike navigator, (I got there in the end), I was up and going late this morning (10ish) on my way up to the ride. The drive went well, and it helped to stop in a few shady stops to eat, check navigation, and generally stretch and pee before moving on.

The Srathmerton Op Shop was open when I got there just before 2. I've stopped there a few times and usually find it quite good.  Then on to Cobram where I'm staying at a quite friendly motel where the owners like to hang out outside, and there are a few silo building workers hanging around and splashing in the pool.

Once I'd settled in I did about 20ks on the bike up past Barooga, coming through the golf resort part of town on the way back. Nice quiet ride, I've had a big pub dinner and am settling in for the night.

Update Feb 10

Church oppie in Cobram. The same church is in the background in one of yesterdays pics.

Discarded golf trolley as op shop sign

Mary  Nurse  in Barooga


 My Aunt Mary had rung while I was having dinner at the pub last night, and changed our meeting venue from her place to a caf in Barooga. So this morning I rode the bike from Cobram to Barooga, kept on going to Tocumwal, and then came back to Barooga to meet Mary, and we arrived at the caf at about the same time. We arranged for me to pick up a knitting machine her Dad Eddie had designed, made and invented, which at the moment noone knows how the f*&%*ing thing works. (I had seen it 8 years ago and documented it in my blog post here. Since then, both Mary Nurse's husband Geoff and my wife Christine have passed away. Time marches on!) 

Now its evening and I've just driven out past Barooga to pick up the knitting machine from Mary's, it was on the top of a cupboard in a dusty plastic bag and it itself dusty. Anyway it will make its way back to Melbourne with me tomorrow where I will start to clean it up.

As well I had dinner at the pub with Alex McNee and organizer Rodney Kruz who are both on the Audax ride tomorrow. I've bailed out of doing the 200k ride and am "only" doing the 150. I was going to be the only one doing the 200, and now will be riding with Alex (also recumbent) on a shorter distance - sensible given the 36 degree predicted temps. Signing off now except for adding some pics. I still have to pack the car as I am leaving Cobram straight after the ride tomorrow.

Alex and Rodney "Of course the solution to the whole bike riding thing is quantum time travel and we have just the machine for the job"



The motel has wonderful wifi so I have been youtubing a few faves that have kept me going

Until You, Kerryn Fields

Don't be denied, Neil Young. An oldie but a goodie, I have it on record at home. They sing "don't be denied" about 200 times in the song, and then you play it 1000 times and eventually it sinks in.

Training Rides

Aireys Inlet to Lorne and return 38.2k

36k kew boulevarde

39.5k in 2hours 11 minute kew boulevarde

20k Cobram to Barooga, 5k out towards Tocumwal and return.

About 40k in about 2 hours, Cobram to Tocumwal via Barooga and return.

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