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Sunday, January 15, 2023

A few repairs and improvememts


A sketch on paper to get things going. After this I went straight to 3d cad and then the 3d printer.

Fork fairing in place.

The fork was drilled and tapped to make the screw holes. Fairings are on rubber washers, it all fits together quite neatly.

New spacers surrounded by fork fairings.

Bike back together. The new covers are just in front of the back wheel, which . . . .

this pic shows clearly!

Hi  A week ago, I used my HPV's leaning trike module to finish a 200k ride, as documented here. The trike module was swapped in to replace an ailing bike module.

 Since then I have repaired and improved the bike module, replacing 3d printed spacers, and adding new rear fork fairings. 

The fork fairings are held on by 3/16" screws with nice flat aero heads. I drilled and tapped into the fork to make the screw holes, but where the holes are drilled there is a lot of brazing all around, so little stress on the frame and little chance of fatigue cracks and failure. That's the theory anyway!

I had tried to make the fork fairings before, but this time I got there first go and am happy with the result. Now for a front fairing!

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