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Sunday, February 12, 2023

I Don't Do Hills 150k ride

At Rodney's

The athlete (me) and the machine.

Brevet Card


Steady as she goes, riding.....

with Alex McNee.......

in the "I Don't Do Hills 150"

Cracked it!  Just over 20k average for the 150k.


The I Don't do Hills ride was yesterday and I very sensibly switched from doing the 200k to doing "only" 150k, so joined Alex McNee for the whole of the ride. He was very well equipped with dyno lights, and dyno powered speedo and navigation. I could relax about navigating and just ride, and use my own Garmin GPS as a speedo / ergometer.

So most of the way we were doing just over 25kph, and the k's went by quite quickly. Occasionally, without putting too much effort in we were up to 32kph, helped by small downhills and tailwinds. We left at 6am to beat the heat and had brief stops at Katatamatite (Muffin and Big M Chocolate milk for me) and Yarrawonga (Some form of schnitzel burger and half a litre of coke.)

The last bit of the ride was into a headwind and a bit tougher but we still averaged just over 20kph for the whole ride. Rodney had done the 100k version of the ride and greeted us as we came in. We had a cool drink and a chat with him and then headed off.

Rodney is a very accomplished Audax rider and is closing in on 50,000 Audax km, a huge achievement.

Not Sure what's next for me in Audax, will keep you posted. Regards 

Steve Nurse

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