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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Holland Bike


As found. It is a classic barn find bike except I found it under a nearby railway bridge,

complete with vegetation growing

through the back wheel.

Mid surgery. Cotter pins were a write-off.

Working!  I took it for a ride like this, riding 2 bikes at once and delivering one of them (the Uptown) to Wecycle as a free bike for the needy. Back brake only fitted. It stops the bike. Glacially!

At my new work, back2bikes. I sourced the new back wheel from the back2bikes dumpster. Cotter pins were from Wecycle, and replacement spokes from De Ver. Spokes represented the entire budget for the bike sofar. $6.00!


This is my latest bike project. I don't collect every bike I see abandoned in the area but a fair few! Anyway, this Holland has been one of the latest, and maybe its a keeper. The back wheel and cotter pins were write-offs, with the back wheel badly buckled and spokes stuck hard to spoke nipples, and cotter pin threads stripped.

Anyway in a sort-of treasure hunt process I managed to find the right bits to fix it. Might fit a rack, and make a chainguard. The one found with it is a complete piece of crap, suitable only as a garden ornament.


Steve Nurse

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