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Monday, February 7, 2022

Fixing the recumbent bike part 2


Jigging the rear fork

Wheel removed, ready for the next lot of brazing

Small magnets and red 3d printed housings.

Decided to use the head of allen bolts as the retainer, the diameter was right. Couldn't find a washer the right size and didn't want to drill any bigger.

Turning off the end of the allen bolt to make a washer.


Have been working on the rear fork of my bike over the last few days, and here are the progress pics. In general I am avoiding drilling of the for something that led to its predecessor's demise.


Steve Nurse

Evening update: A few more photos of progress below. The suspension blocks are now secured to the fork with positioning washers on the fork and holding magnets on the blocks.

There's still some work to do:

3d printed spacers to keep the fork tongue in the same plane as the frame, and suspension blocks from rotating.

Edge on rear fork to ensure generator wire runs smoothly for frame

Pin on fork to secure it in frame.

I will adapt an aluminium frame to suit the new fork but that will be not much work.

Almost done

Suspension block is

secured by magnets and pinned in place by a braze on washer.

2 suspension blocks made this way, this is the front one.

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