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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Fixing the recumbent bike part 1


Some hand sawn horseshoe shaped washers bolted in place to

rework the rear fork I had made previously. Central square parts are thicker mild steel, replacing thin chromolly.

After brazing the horseshoe washers in each side, I filled in the inside of the slot with part of an old bolt. This is the clamping before brazing.

The dropouts part of the fork is done. Still a bit more to do till the whole fork is complete though.


For a week or so I've been reworking and renewing the rear fork on my recumbent bike. It broke, and fixing it became part of my bike plans for the year.

Anyway, I'm well into the fixing process, and am quite happy with results sofar. I should be able to rebuild the rear fork without drilling into it which I'm pleased about. Last time the fork broke at least partly due to stress concentrations from drilling.

 For the rebuild I have ordered some magnets to hold the rubber suspension blocks on with. They are coming soon and I will report.

Regards Steve Nurse

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