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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Wagga Wagga 100


Near The Rock

The Rock

Oversize farm equipment passing near the rock

Near Uranquity

Uranquity Power Station

Bees near Uranquity

free range chooks in Uranquity

Done and dusted, about a 17kph average.

Wagga is in the Riverana district West of Sydney and the district was very proud to have 5 players in the Western Sydney Giants team in today's AFL grand final. Well the Giants made it to the MCG but not much further unfortunately! They got done by Richmond 114 points to 25 points. There is still next year!
Hi, here are a few photos of today's Audax ride South of Wagga Wagga.  The last third was a bit tough, but champagne cycling through lovely scenery for the first two thirds. Thanks to Wagga Wagga local Peter Makin for running the rides.  I was on my own on the 100k, Dome Deli was on his own on the 200k, and 4 riders including 2 from Adelaide are still out there suffering through a 600k.

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse

Update November 4: Thanks to Peter Makin and Bec Morton, the bling (left) for the bike arrived, and I mounted it in my bling display. See this post in my design blog for more details.

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