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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Canberra Ride

Dome, Near Lake Burley Griffin & Floriade

Dome with phone, watch and gps, negotiating a route and when to meet up with Brett.

Brett's awesome petrol powered chopper trike.

Greenspeed under shade awning.

Wayne Kotzur built wheelchair based trike, its front wheel drive and rear wheel steer.

Brett and Dome

Brett and Dome and a few high unicycles.

Trisled tandem velomobile

A long bike bought from the Canberra Bike museum. Driver at front with 2 shaded rear passengers facing each other

Recumbent Pedalboat foreground. Brett a trike and dog background.

Canberrs bikepaths with Brett and Dome.

Some of these paths we went over twice, they were very pleasant and varied.

Brett and Dome

Back at the start.

Yesterday, Dome and I both came through from Wagga Wagga to Canberra and as previously arranged, rode to visit Brett Edwards in Gilmore. Brett runs Recumbent & Specialised Cycling with great enthusiasm and was happy to show us his 5 velomobiles, Aquabike, and stock and personal collections of bikes and trikes. Very impressive! 

The ride there was a bit tough and uphill but fuelled by Egg and Bacon rolls at a caff, and Dome's gps hiccupped a couple of times.  In the end a few bikepaths somehow got us to Brett's palace. The trip back was much quicker following the Monaro highway, but we still had a bit of lakeside bikepath at the end. Thanks Dome and Brett for organizing the visit.

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