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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Maruishi Leaning Trike


For the last few months I've been volunteering at the Wecycle bike shed and restoring old bikes so they can go to those that need them. Last time I was there I worked on an interesting leaning trike but didn't have my camera with me.  This time I had my camera and took a few pics.  Next (woohoo) time, I might even ride it and get some video.

So the pics are shown above.  The trike is a Japanese Maruishi Sunday Lovely Premium Leaning trike which is apparently still available in Japan today.  The tilting function can be locked out with a set of bolts under the carry basket and the gearing seems to be very low.  Probably a great machine for a quiet pootle to the local shops, but don't go setting off for a race or across the country.

In leaning trike terms the trike is 1F1T, that is a delta (1 wheel at the front, 1 wheel tilting) where only the front part of the frame tilts.  My trikes are all 1F3T.  I'm not sure how old this Maruishi trike is but its had a bit of wear.  This sort of trike may have provided inspiration for the Varna Leaning Trike which is also 1F1T but has a semi recumbent seating position and an electric motor driven front wheel.

Update September 2020, I found another blog from Ottawa Canada, documenting a similar leaning trike to "our" Maruishi. Pictures are better and there was a super duper retso done instead of a patch up. Here is the link.


Steve Nurse


  1. Hi have been trying to find out more about a trike I picked up and finally have ..this is it mine is in need of some love but still awsome looking bike .. any one know if there worth restoring ??

    1. Hi do have any further images of the condition of the trike that you could email through to ?

    2. Hi Jacob. Short answer is no! This trike just passed through a cycling charity I work at and it was sold to a music festival as a utility vehicle, regards Steve Nurse

    3. Sorry for the delay in replying. They are cool trikes but don't expect to pay yourself a wage or make a huge profit on the restoration. But it should be satisfying, and they are nice to ride for short distances, good load carriers too.