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Friday, November 10, 2017

Big Switcheroo Progress

My Daily Driver

Progress on the next machine.....

Maybe turning the forks around like this would work?

Jigging for v-brake bosses on the back of the forks.

Bike bling 1

Bike bling 2

There has been some good progress in the last few days on fixing up my trikes and making one saleable.  I swapped the frames over between the "fast trike" and the one I use everyday, improving the frame as I went.  To finish off the trike I designed some red plugs for the ends of the frame tubes.  One of these includes a couple of blinky lights.  The first versions of these plugs are on my own trike and the second, slightly improved parts will be on the new one I'm selling.

And the new trike's well underway.  Unfortunately, the rear brake bosses were getting in the way of the chain and I had to braze them on in a new position.  This has worked well though and I'm happy with the results.  Along the way I contemplated a different solution: reversing the fork and the dropout positions would let the chain clear the bosses.  This would make the bike shorter overall (good), increase trail (also good) but also put the front of the trike up higher, and gravity might make the front wheel want to turn through 180 degrees (bad).  Its something I plan to try but not right now.

More work on the trikes to follow.


Steve nurse

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