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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Big Switcheroo

"Fast Trike" ready to be dismantled.

NLT7 ready to be dismantled

A 3d printed cap for the end of the frame

Part ready to install, a frame insert for pedal and steerer bearing

Parts Ready to install: Shutter Precision Hub Dynamo Wheel and fork.


For a few days I have been sorting out in my mind what to do with all the bikes and trikes that are lying round.  I already have one trike for sale , there is another one I use most days, but I have 3 others, and might as well do something with them. If I sell one for any reasonable amount it will be worth making more of them.

So I have started work on the top trike in the photos.  This has an experimental frame with several extra holes drilled in it, and I don't want to sell it as it isn't perfect.  But the frame on the trike I took to Bendigo is good, and the plan is * to swap over the frames of the trikes, cleaning them and doing them up as I go * to fit the seat and tailbox from the NLT7 shown 2nd photo down on a trike to be put up for sale.  Sofar I have removed the frame from the fast trike and started fitting it to my current trike.  The 3d printer is coming in handy and I am busy drawing up, printing and fitting bright red end stoppers and light mounts for the trikes.

The second project is to make a bike with dynamo lights driven from the rear wheel.  For this I aim to use the parts shown in the bottom 2 photos.  I haven't been on any long Audax's for a while, but it would be nice to have a bike with bomb-proof lighting just in case I want to have a go at one.  For the moment this project will not be a priority, and I am trying to store all the bits somewhere I won't trip over them! 

All for now, Regards

Steve Nurse

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