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Sunday, April 10, 2016

New Steerer Part 3

Parts I designed are top right, the other parts will complete the assembly

Part assembled

Lower Part Assembled

Wheel swap was part of the whole job.  The fork with the green top started off as a salvaged part from a 24" bike, the other fork is a new part from Abbotsford Cycles.

On Thursday a courier arrived with some parts from Hasco Foundry for me.  They were steerer base components, and I'd rung up Hasco a few days previously so was expecting them.   When the courier arrived, my wife and I were talking to a neighbour, then just at the same time a taxi pulled up to take us to a medical appointment.  I signed for the parts, then got in the taxi with them, but in a rush to open them left managed to leave my keys in the taxi.

Fortunately the keys issue was solved by the next day, a call to Silver Top put me on to our driver, who delivered the keys back to us the next day. 

Back to the parts now!  Today (Saturday) I had a chance to work with the parts.  They needed a small amount of smoothing before they could be used and I've jumped in to start installing it on a trike.  This involved a big front fork-swapping job first, and my wooden trike (shown here with 20") now has a 26" front wheel, and seems to be going like sh*& off a stick.  The 20" fork assembly from that trike is going onto the Aluminium trike, and the aluminium trike is getting the new steerer.  All this should be ready in a few days and I will report back then.


Steve Nurse

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