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Monday, April 4, 2016

Barry Jones at Great Escape Books

The Wonderful Mr. Barry Jones with Nicole from Great Escape Books.

My wife Christine and I are on the mailing list for Great Escape Books in  Aireys Inlet and the bookshop generally punches above its weight when it comes to getting celebrity authors in for signing and talking about their books.  I've been to presentations by Graham (The Rosie Project) Simsion, Magda (Reckoning) Szubanski and now Barry (The Shock of Recognition) Jones.

Magda's presentation was particularly packed with hundreds of people at the pub for her talk and signing. 

Barry's presentation was about his new book "The Shock of Recognition".  Barry has a string of qualifications, honors and members of societies as long as your arm, any one of which would be enough for most people and his latest book is a comment on the books and music that influenced him.  This goes back to Aristotle and Barry recommends not only to read books such as the Iliad and War and Peace, but which translations are worth reading.  And so it goes on, with Shakespere, Dickens, Opera and so on and so forth.  Just about everything he said was over my head but it was great to see him talk.  Being parked conveniently close to the wine bar helped!  Anyway, I bought one of Barry's books, got his signature on it and a few days ago passed it on to my Dad.

Despite attending one of Melbourne's leading private schools (Melbourne Grammar), I managed to forget everything I'd ever had of a classical education by the time I'd left to do engineering. But my interests in punk rock and surfing continued!


Steve (An Illustrated Guide to the Cycle Zoo) Nurse

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