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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bike Shoes

Bike Shoes, New Shoe is centre


After more than a year of riding to Uni most days, I've worked out what to do about bike shoes!

At the start, I thought I could ride to Uni in bike shoes like the white one shown above, then change into normal shoes for the day but it didn't work on a couple of counts.  The shoes have a plastic sole which slips on asphalt whenever its wet.  This is no good, and I slipped over a couple of times when wearing them, once right in front of a car in traffic.  So I don't wear these any more.   And changing into normal shoes for the day was no good, sometimes I would forget to change back into the bike shoes at the end of the day, and walk down 2 flights of stairs, then start riding the bike home before realising which shoes I had on, and by then I couldn't be bothered going back.

So bike shoes all day seemed like the answer, and I found some quite good ones from Anaconda .  These are advertised at $100 but on sale they are only $50.00.  I've been wearing the first ones I bought for a while now, but they were starting to look a bit tacky, tatty and even down at heal.  I like to look relatively respectable, so didn't want to keep wearing them all the time, and wandered out to Anaconda and managed to get new ones on sale.  So I started wearing the new ones and threw the old ones out.

But then I changed my mind and partly because I forgot to put the rubbish out one week, managed to retrieve the old shoes in an only slightly smelly state.  I use these shoes for doing gardening, working in the shed etc. now, and as a bonus they still clip in.  See you next year, Mr. Anaconda.


Steve Nurse

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