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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wendouree 2016

Dome and Rob Leviston Outside Ballarat
Outside the tram museum, some of the volunteers took time off to chat and see the rolling bike Museum.  They were bemused and really hadn't heard of recumbents before.
A pedal - powered slot car set in a trailer - why not!

Rob Leviston

Stopped at one of the small towns we went through, I think this was Lal Lal

Next to statue of Julia Gillard in Ballarat Botanical Gardens

Just what it says on the tin!  The Ballarat Fish Acclimatisation Society Inc. has a small plot between the tram museum and the Botanical Gardens. Yes, they have a web site. Thingy.

Pax Hilton.  Stayed at the scout camp for $25.00 a night.

Dome heads off on the 100k ride

Graham at the start

Unicycles and wonderful Dag-O-Rama Tandem

Unicycle mob

Team Steve's Slowpokes.  Actually we were quite fast with few riders passing us on the lake relay ride.

Our machines at the end, my timber tilting trike and Graham's Optima.
Hi, on the weekend, I visted Ballarat and rode with a few friends on the timber tilting trike.  Dome (pronounced Domay) from Sydney was riding with Rob Leviston on the Saturday starting at 8am so it was an early start for me to drive up there for Melbourne.  There is good riding around Ballarat and Rob led us through the very small towns of Dunnstown, Yendon and Lal Lal before returning to Ballarat after about 50k.  Rob is a local and headed off home and Dome and I went to Lake Wendouree and killed a few hours visiting the Botanical Gardens and tramway museum.  We were booked to ride in different events of the Fiona Elsie Cancer Research Institute Bike day the next day and picked up our rider packs, then went off to our accommodation, the Pax Hill Scout Camp (now officially called Pax Hilton by me) where we had stayed a few months previously.

In the morning I saw Dome off on his 100k ride and soon joined up with Graham for our team ride round the lake.  It was a good fun ride and Graham and I were faster than almost everyone (ok, mostly families, kids and unicycles) on the lake ride and averaged about 25kph for the full two hours. The unicycle riders had great fun, their mob had a tandem and they were dancing on it, weaving in and out of the unicycle arch made by a couple of the riders.

The organisers had put on virtually unlimited sunshine and free beer after the ride and after a few glasses I said my goodbyes and thanks to Dome and Graham and headed back up Pax Hill then on home.

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