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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Steerer Part 1

Original steerer with cables running inside.

Trialling something new: Steerer made with 4 seat post clamps
3d prints as trial for aluminium versions

As a blogger I don't often follow the web-log thing and document things from start to finish, although sometimes I do.  Anyway, I am coming in halfway through a parts development process here, but still calling it part one. 

So a lot of other parts of my trikes are quite simple but the steerer is still made of quite a few parts and I have quite a few requirements for it: adjust up and down, adjust in and out, and have the cables running inside the tubes to stay out of the way of my feet and out of the way of the wind.  This is the sort of thing I ride along on the bikepath next to the river thinking about.

Eventually, I worked out that I could make a simple steerer just using 4 seat post clamp centre bits, and I proceeded to make up a steerer as a trial.  It didn't work for that long but did make me realise that the rest of the trike works surprisingly well.  I could have brazed some of the bits together but I don't think that would have helped long term.

So I set about designing a new steerer and came up with something that might work when made in aluminium and had it printed out at work to see how it would go.  It fits on a 28.6mm / 1 1/8" steerer which is a mountain bike, modern thing.  Anyway, it looks ok, I've already made a steerer adapter to try it and will mock it within a few days.  Will report!


Steve Nurse

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