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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More Bikecentric

Parking Trike in Loungeroom for convenience, don't tell Christine.

Lunar New Year Decorations in Melbourne City, the designer of these "PI" things had obviously seen the

 Spinal Tap movie WAY too many times and at some stage in his or her life ingested HUGE quantities of LSD.  Wonder what they would think of my trike?

Ecoshift Bike Stall, bamboo bikes from the Phillipines.

This gentleman was from Sydney and he bailed me up to have a chat about the trike.


Here are a few photos from the weekend.  I was out and about and visited friends Jeremy and Alison on Saturday and had a wander round the sustainable living festival both Saturday and Sunday, armed with a camera on the Sunday!

Feb 18: On the theme of bikecentric, I have added the 3 photos below of my bike at work, which for me, is, at the moment, writing about and occasionly designing things for recumbent trikes under a Master's degree program.  One of my office co-habitants is Yun, who is doing a PhD involving lights which flash different colours for a while when you move them.  So kick a box or punch a hanging bobble-cluster of these things and they light up.  Yes I know.  Awesome!  But sometimes the thrill wears thin and I do some work.


Steve Nurse.

Yun Light #1

Yun Light #2

Normal Light #1

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