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Monday, November 9, 2015

Garage Sale Day

Bike outside Spensely St Primary, loaded with tomato plants.

Jamies flight simulator

Jamie Friday

Garage Sal booty: Tupperware, Beer Stein, Teapot, Ukelele

Jamies Flight Simulator
October 24, 2015


This year, and last year the fete at the local primary school coincided with an organised national garage sale day, with many houses organising garage sales.  What better day for an inveterate, rusted on garage saler and op shopper to get out and about on a bike, trike, er, thing.  Y'know.  Anyway, the weather was very nice and I think I got round to about 10 garage sales plus the school fete. 

At one of the garage sales Jules took an interest in my trike and posted a brief entry in her blog.  There is a vidoe if you click on "contraption".  Hmm, whats that? Never heard of one of them before!

The garage saling is very sociable, and there is often some gentle banter and discussion about the sales.  One lady was spinning wool on a wheel outside her house.  With me it didn't get to haggling....

7 tupperware conainers for 20c each and I offered $2.00: "do you want to pick up a book as well?." "No, not really, have a nice day".

At Jules's sisters sale, I had already agreed on 2 beer steins for $5.00 but a nice bottle opener "Aussie Bottler" was thrown in gratis and for free.

At the fete, I cought up with fellow bike builder Jamie Friday.  His kids have left the primary school now but he was back to oversee the running of his human powered creation, a "Flight Simulator" consisting of wooden aeroplane models running down fishing line and controlled by kids moving poles back and forth.  Actually Jamie really didn't have to be there, it was all running very smoothly and harmoniously from what I saw.

Bye Now!


Steve nurse

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