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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Edith on Cup Day

Edith with wine, the winnings, and the winning ticket

Christine and Edith


Before I launch into this blog post, I just want to say that I have fallen behind on my blog posts and emails, and hope to catch up soon, but meanwhile I will use the tactic of jumbling up the blog posts and not reporting them in chronological order.  In an attempt to make this less confusing, but which will probably just make it more confusing, I will put a comprehensible date at the start of each blog posts, which relates to when the events occurred.  Here we go.

November 3, 2015

Well,  Melbourne Cup day is a holiday for some in Melbourne but not for us hard-working-university-type-people-with-deadlines, so I rode into Uni in the morning.  About midday, my wife Christine rang and said out 103 year old neighbour Edith was coming over, and could I come home a bit before 3pm when the Melbourne Cup horse race was on.  So I did just that and needed to do my duty before the race, giving out glasses of wine and setting up our prodigious gambling for the day, 8 horses each for 50c the lot for $1.50 total prize pool.

Well Edith won, and so did the first ever female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, Michelle Payne.  Michelle had been across the news as the feelgood story of the race for several days prior, along with her brother Stevie who was the strapper for the horse Prince of Penzance.  The horse won at 100 to 1 and everyone including me is kicking themselves - why didn't I put $5.00 on her?

Anyway, congratulations Edith!


Steve Nurse

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