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Sunday, April 5, 2015

A few repairs.

Ladies Bitsa Town Bike

Cable ties and corflute used to repair ilean trike (inside)

Cable ties repairing slightly manky tailbox (outside)

Replaced back axle from recumbent bike.  Note that the right hand bearing seat is completely knackered.

I spent a bit of time over the last week fixing a few things on bikes and trikes, and the in the first few days of Easter, swapped around bike parts on a couple of 24" bikes, destroyed the frame of another 24" bike for parts, moved some stuff around to make better bike storage, and made a storage space for bike wheels.  Here are a few photos.

The 24" bike shown in the photo now has a front fork and a new home by the beach, I have been pootling around on it a bit, its good fun and rides no hands very easily!

 The trike tailbox repair was at Uni.  Approaching the uni, my toolbox (lunchbox used as toolbox) fell out of the back of the tailbox which is not a good sign. Closer inspection showed a rip down one side of the base of the tailbox.  This was fixed with an extra bit of corflute and some cable ties, all courtesy of the workshop "upshop" (or upcycling shop) for $1.00.  Thats it, blown the budget for a week or 2!

The reason I was riding the wooden trike instead of the wooden bike (which is a bit faster) as the back axle on the bike was knackered.  Last Saturday I rode the trike to the Ceres Bikeshed with a nut from the worn out axle and got a bike wheel with a matching axle, then fixed the bike at home during the day.  Hey Presto, a happy bicycle.

All for now, Regards

Steve nurse

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