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Monday, March 23, 2015

Wooden Bike to Walwa MkII

On the road from..
Hume Dam to Walwa
Walwa rest break, Day 1
Cups and saucers and stuff in the Walwa Tea Rooms
More Cups and stuff on an old sewing machine
Lots of Sunshine!
Granya Hotel, where we had lunch on the 2nd day.  There was a bit of a breeze and we had a chat to a 4-Generation family for a while and patted some of the owner's dogs and listened to Enya on the loudspeakers.  I will never live this down but Enya almost sounded OK. Yes, there goes my street cred.
Walwa Store, 2nd day.  There were 100's of motorbikes around, many heading to the Ulysses motorcycle club AGM in Wodonga.
Lookout on the upper Murray.
Lots of bugs on this tree in Granya

Just back from 2 days riding East from Albury with Graham Signiori.  At the start of the year I said I wanted to document a few Audax Permanent rides, and this ride was going over the territory of 2 of the rides before submitting.  We went from Albury to Corryong via Walwa and Briggs Gap Road on the Saturday and returned via Towong and Walwa on Sunday.  Graham is quite a bit faster than me and therefor gets to stop at more scenic points and chat to people.  At Corryong, he was about 25 minutes ahead after about 30 km, and near Bungil he checked out a memorial which was all about Murray Grey Cattle (apparently).

Anyway, I was just fit enough for the ride, I've been riding 15k each way to work 4 days a week for a couple of months now, and that makes up about 150k a week riding for a while.  One piece of cycling wisdom is "ride in a week what you will do on the day of a big ride" and this sort of fitted in for 163 and 150k days of riding.  

There were hundreds of touring motorcyclists on the road, some heading for the Ulysses (over 40's) motorcycling club AGM in Wodonga.  At the Corryong motel we stayed with a mob of Harley Davidson owners from Canberra, all ready to have a chat about bikes, wooden or motorised.


Steve Nurse

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