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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Miles Smith - a record attempt starts

One of Miles Smith's bikes - note the infamous large "Pizza" chainring.

Helen Lew-Ton delivers "The Speach", generally wishing Miles well.  Note exceedingly manky Abbotsford Cycles sign in the background.

Front of Abbotsford Cycles

"Follow Me"

Miles and Helen

A couple of mates were accompanying Miles for the first part of the trip.

Cargo Bike Chat, scene outside the Hive shopping centre in Richmond.


This morning I responded to an Audax email and pootled down to Abbotsford.  In part, the invite read

"Next Saturday, April 11, local Audax rider Miles Smith will start his attempt to break Tommy Godwin's 1939 record of 75,065 miles [120,805 km] in a year (365 days).

While you're still sleeping, Miles will set off to on the first 200 km leg of his year-long endeavour. He will then take a short break before commencing his second ride of the day.

Join us in a celebration of this truly audacious challenge and to wish Miles all the best for the coming 365 days."

Miles' trip will consist of laps between Portsea and Richmond, with Audax volunteers supporting.  There are 2 others on the hunt for the record as well, as per this link to an Age article.

The rules for this particular long cycle challenge allow recumbents and drafting but not fairings or other aerodynamic aids.  And 2 of the 3 now attempting the record are using recumbents, Kurt Searvogel riding a Barchetta bike as part of his riding regime and Steve Abraham because of an injury (broken foot which needed surgery and a plate put in it as per this link

So - some very committed cyclists there!  Go Miles and thanks to Audax for providing the support this morning.


Steve Nurse

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