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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Brad's 40th in Trida

View from Grand Ridge Road

Brad and Sharon's Round Straw Bale House

"Chookshaw" pen, the chooks are preparing the ground for the next crop of vegies.

My bike at Warragul station.  The seat is pushed right forward so when the back wheel folds underneath, it fits in the train's bike storage locker.

Daisy's taxi.  This is how Brad and Sharon's youngest gets around on the farm.

Brad's trike in the new house

My bike in the new house

Brad, Sharon and the kids

Tony & Brad, '65 Ford

Cutting the Cake

About 12k from Warrigal: another chook caravan
Brad and Tony

Today I got from a day and night away from the city and up to Brad and Sharon Jarvis's small farm in Trida.  I got there by train to Warrigal and bike up the hill from there.  It was hot going up to Brad's place, but fortunately my work boss Tony passed me in his car on the way up and carried most of my luggage (beer, sleeping bag, tent, Almond meal cake) by car for me.  A few hours later I got there!  I stayed overnight at The Jarvis's and met quite a few of their friends and family.  Thanks to Brad and Sharon for putting me up and for the berry jam.  The farm is a very special place.  Getting home was thankfully much easier, and I took a video as I was rolling down the hill.

Postscript: Thanks for the nice comment Brad.  Now I just realised, this post has pictures of hpv's with 1, 2, 3 and 4 wheels.  Actually there are 2 with 4 wheels, can you spot them?  Here is a link to an hpv with 5 wheels.  6 anyone?  Regards


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for coming up Stephen, we really enjoyed having you up and showing you around the farm. As usual your bike generated some interest, my mum was quite impressed with it.

    The caravan chooks in you picture are Elderslie organic farm (see, they are primarily a dairy farm and produce cows milk but they have been running the chooks (they have over 1000) for quite a few years now, I think it's a good example of ethical egg production.

    The ride down the hill is a quite fun, I guess for you it was good knowing that you'd already done the hard ride. The few times that I have ridden to Warragul it is always in the back of my mind that I will have a hard ride back.