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Monday, November 17, 2014

A few pairs of photos

My Brother Richard's "new" 1939 Raleigh roadster - Look at those.....

fantastic original stainless steel Westwood rims!
L to R: Mum, Dad, Mum's sister Lorna and me....

In Kew, Melbourne.

These are my socks, drying on the line at home.  There are so many socks of the same type  because this is the only type of sock I own (avoids the "finding matching pairs after the wash" dilemma/syndrome/issue/problem) and because Ermi who helps us with our washing likes to wash sock with sock and jock with jock (but I don't know why).  This photo was taken before the "Big Melbourne November Rain" of 42mm overnight)
Unwisely, I photographed the socks instead of bringing them in.  This photo of wet socks is taken after the "Big Melbourne November rain of 42mm overnight".  (Worse things have happened!)

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