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Sunday, May 11, 2014

iLean back on the road.

Christine in the rickshaw and friends at the local state school's Mother's Day run

Back on the bike after the forks were repaired

Final part of fixing the forks with a spacer made from part of an old cluster used as a spacer.

Christine is oblivious!  I have been dagging around with bikes like this ever since we met and that is a few years ago now.

My son Ewan bravely tries out the bike after fixing the fork the first time.  The steering wasn't straight, the pedal banged on the fork, the gear change cable scraped on the wheel and the chain clunked on the cluster.


It has been the weekend of Mother's Day and I've spent the time well, picking up some bike bits from the post office, buying some flowers, seeing my mum, dad, my son and his girlfriend and going to a fun-run gathering, with quite a bit of bike fixing in between.

The ilean trike is just about fixed now after the front fork broke.  The new fork came from a $20.00 ebay bike which I stripped down.  (As mentioned earlier, early ladies mountain bikes aren't that popular and go out cheap or even free.)   By the time we were ready to go to Saturday lunch I was ready to try it out, and it happened that Ewan and Phoebe came back afterwards.  So Ewan had a go on the up-till-then-not-very-well-fixed-bike.

Late this afternoon I stared on the monoblade rear fork: will report more later.

And of course I cannot let this blog go without reporting on the great social, political and cultural events of the day.  The things which matter.  A bloke with a beard, dressed like a diva, and coming from Austria won the Eurovision song contest.  At least it takes the football off the front pages for a day or two. 

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