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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend at home

Christine at Home

Front Wheel Drive Fork Mod.

Fork Broke about 1 street away from home.

Lots of this sort of bike available!

iLean Trike
New iLean trike rear wheels

This 3-day weekend I have been at home working on the house and a few bikes, some of the results can be seen in the photos.

The simplest machine to fix with the new parts I received recently should have been the iLean trike, a simple rear wheel swap was required.   At the same time as fixing the back, I overhauled the front, and this included renewing the disc brake cable.  Unfortunately as I went for a test ride, (and trip to the dumpster) my foot got caught in the brake cable and the brake was duly applied by accident.  The front fork broke as a result!  Its quite possible it was cracked already, and breaking only 1 street away from home was really not such a bad result.  But its back to the drawing board a bit for an extended test for the new iLean trike parts.

As well as starting on a new wooden bike, I have been around the neighbourhood gathering parts for future bike projects.  The 10 year old, 26" mountain bike has now past its used by date in inner Melbourne and on Saturday I saw several on offer at Garage Sales.  Today there were several on hard rubbish piles and at the dumpster and I've gathered up wheels, chains, bar ends, Aheadset bits, brake levers and other parts from the corpses.  Most of the bikes have suspension front forks, but aside from that It's all good!

All for now.  Back to work tomorrow.


Steve Nurse

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