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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Murray 1200, The Poem

Simon Watt with Christine Nurse
 Murray 1200 the Poem

When Simon from East Geelong, climbed Wicheproof (all 30 metres high),
he surveyed the Western Plain. Get on a recumbent, or bicycle here, he thought with a wicked sigh,
and you could roll for many a mile, through Robinvale, Moulamien, Jerilderie
 and Beulah, Hopetoun, Durham Ox (though there's not much there to see)
and Dingee, Mitiamo, Rochester and Boort.
And so Murray 1200 was born.  Simon plotted fiendishly away
until several years later (to the very day)
The bravest Audax riders from all across the land lined up to ride
the plotted route with Garmin, GPS, cue cards and the odd map or two.
4 days later, it was all done and we crept exhausted to bed
and thought it the best and flattest garden path up which we'd all been led.

Note: Vinnie from Seattle finished the Audax Murray 1200 volunteer's ride and also writes poetry .


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    1. Thanks Simon. Well if you're not offended I don't think anyone else will be! Best wishes, Steve N