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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In Principle Support for iLean trike

The ilean trike standing up, the stand is at the top of the middle wheel
and made from these bits......
which work by resting the wheel on the stand when the right wheel is forward.......
but allowing the wheels to run free when the right wheel is back.......
all written while Christine's sister Vicki popped over for a cup of tea.

At work, I lean my bike against a post when I park it as it hasn't got a stand.  Sometimes, to make the bike a bit more stable I use a cable tie to hold a brake on which means the bike can't roll.  And after a while I thought, well, if I cut a recess in the side of the plywood seat and have the recess against the pole when I park it, it would do the same thing as putting the "cable tie park brake" on, and would take less time.  But I haven't done this yet.

However I thought a bit more about parking and the iLean trike I made.  (the trike won't stand up by itself because it tilts automatically just like a bike, see the video) It has 2 wheels at the back and for riding it, there is no difference whether the left wheel is forward or backward when you ride it.  So if you ride it (say) left wheel forward, then left wheel back position can be reserved for parking the bike, by having the right wheel banging against something on the trike.  A bit hard to explain but maybe the photos tell the story better.

Anyway, I made the stand from a bit of wood in the shed and some cable ties.  Lo and behold, it works!

But his post is called "in principle support" for a reason.  The stand is not all that secure and its tied onto the plastic corflute tailbox which is a bit wobbly, am sure I can do better with a less spontaneous design.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Hope to have a new bike done in 2 weeks or so.


Steve Nurse

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