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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Speed Demons / Evolve Trikes

On our recent be-spon ride through Ivanhoe to Warrandyte along bike paths, Graham Signiorini & I......

Shot ahead of the bunch and waited for several minutes........

for everyone else to catch up, despite me being on my highly improbable trike.

Lunch stop near Beasley's nursery, Alan Ball front right with sunglasses, Robert Waryszak on right in red.

I have been continuing to ride my Vi Vuong inspired ilean Delta trike and I like it a lot.  Last week I went for a ride with the Vichpv group and for the most part kept up with the fast Mr. Graham Signiorini.  The day before yesterday I installed a speedo on it and yesterday rode to work on it for the first time.  Speeds were pretty good,  my more refined and similar recumbent bike has a long term average of 20.7 kph and on my trip to work and back on the trike I managed 19.7 kph.  Longer term I want to do a 200k ride on the bike and a speedo's the only way to work out if the trike is up to the task.

On the ride last week I saw Alan Ball from Evolve trikes. Although nothing was announced last week, it can now be revealed that Alan, Dianne and Eric have licensed their folding trike technology in the United States and production trikes will be on their way soon.  Congratulations !

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