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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Spike from the Russians!


This blog has a backroom where I (omnipotent writer / editor / administrator / slave) can see all the statistics associated with page visits this blog.  A recent spike in traffic had me looking for the source.

It was the Russians, and for wholly innocent reasons.  Here is the forum link , already processed into English courtesy google translate.

And there is some quite good advice about working  with timber and fibreglass, things I have found out for myself the hard way, breaking stuff !

"But! Plywood has been quite different characteristics

That's right!
The tree is typically 80/8 MPa at a density of 0.5. (Along / across the grain)
We usually plywood 20/20 MPa at a density of 0.7 (this is for the construction of plywood). And 1 MPa for the layers on the cleavage.
Aviation (sea MARINE) is already up to 50/50 MPa for the Finnish and 30/30 MPa for the Chinese.
For comparison, fiberglass has a density of 1.6 at 250/180 MPa at a density of 1.8 320/220 MPa at a density of 2.0 380/250 MPa.
In the calculations usually take for fiberglass tensile strength of 120 MPa, 230 MPa for the ST3, for a tree up to 10 MPa."

All for now!


Stephen Nurse

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