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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bike Market at Richmond

A few historical bikes at the market.  The bike in the centre is an "elliptical chainless bicycle" 1896.  A bike of this type is featured in Paul Farren's book.
Detail of the elliptical chainless.

Some of Matt Benn's excess bikes were on sale, a fairly eclectic lot....
including this ladies bike, a bargain at $100.

Part of Adrian Cox's stall.
More market bikes, The green and red Malvern Star Coronation Special had sold for about $1500.

Matt Benn and my trike

Atomic Zombie unicycle on sale

About a week ago I visited a bike market at Abbotsford cycles, which is (slightly confusingly) located under Richmond station.  This market is a semi-regular event and a chance to catch up with a few bike type people (ok, blokes) that I know from years of bike riding and activities around Melbourne and buy bike books ("Early Bicycles" and Paul Farren signed "Bicycling through Time" for me) and various bits of bike junk, (2 pairs of old pedals, potentially more Vi-trike wheels.  So hello to me old mates Ross Harrup, Chook (selling off about 1% of his shed contents), John Harland, Adrian Cox, Michael Kater and Matt Benn.


Steve Nurse

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