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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ride to work 3 days a week.

Starting my new bike, with the hollow beam timber frame

Some of the suspension components, (Rubber Block, bronze bushings, shoulder screws, mild steel tube.  Quite a lot of work!
A dismembered rear cluster remade as a mobile / noise making machine....

which was a byproduct of replacing the front wheel.

Cup day gathering with Saskia, Alison, Christine and Jeremy.  Note betting slips in foreground.

It's been a bit busy at work lately  - a motor I've been working on for 2 years is coming into production and it's been fairly nose-to-the grindstone every day with a bit of extra stress.  And to cope - last week I decided to try to ride to work 3 days a week instead of my standard 2 days.  Well it seemed like a good plan at the time!  Last Friday I was riding to work for the 3rd time in the week and got about 1/3 of the way there when the pedals started rotating without driving the bike.  The clutch on the front wheel was knackered and the only thing to do was to scoot / velocipede my way home, have some breakfast and head to work in the car.

During the weekend I fixed the bike by replacing the front wheel and moving the cluster from the old wheel to the new one.  The cluster needed a new spacer to hold all the cogs tight and I managed to find a good supply by taking apart another cluster.  A bit later all the left over cogs were transformed into a mobile which has been clanging away in the windy, wainy weather we've had all week.

The other weekend project was working on a hollow beam wooden bike.  I've had the NC routed wood frame parts around the house for a few months and am finally getting round to assembling them.  There are some photos up above.   Today I finally ordered the laser cut lugs I need to finish the bike.

This week the 3 days a week riding thing has been foiled by today's persistant rain.  Will try again next week and up till the time work eases off a bit.

I've registered for an Audax "permanent" Buckley's Ride which is the 210k+ ride "Round the Bay in a Day", Audax style.  The plan is to do it on a wooden bike on November 24.  Wish me luck!


Steve nurse

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