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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Out and About on the weekend

Near our local recycling centre, the mysterious artwork now has a recycling message
These look like bike parking posts to me. 
More Roseneath Street artwork.

After demolishing some alloy cranks I fitted some steel ones and got together some bits to fit a second brake.
This weekend I've been riding my bike around, taking a few photos.  Today I did a ride of about 100k for my 200k ride in 2 weeks.  I got down to Carrum on Beach Road and realised one of the pedals was flopping around.  When I got to the next shop awning (it was raining) I stopped to try to fix it but didn't have the tools (to get in to the pedal bolts on the Schlumpf drive) and turned back to Kevin's Bike Shop in Mordialloc.  Still couldn't fix it and realised the right pedal was stuffed.  So in a reasonably stubborn move I rode back home to Clifton Hill.  But the bike was still going ok and I managed to pass and astonish a few roadies on the way.

This afternoon I did some work on the bike.  Some heavy but reliable steel cranks from the shed were modified to suit the Schlumpf, one of the threads on the Schlumpf was stuffed from previous attempts to fix and I managed to tap and fix it (whew).  I grovelled around for brake parts for a second front brake and found  most of them in the shed.  Oh yeah - and bike the toolkit now includes the Schlumpf tools!

All for now.  Still getting good comments about the bike and its fun to ride.


Steve Nurse

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