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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cicely goes surfing

At Airey's Inlet

Getting ready for a cold surf

Surf Check on her Dad's bicycle.  Winter sunshine & a six foot swell.

My niece Cicely is on an extended backpacking visit from England.  She stayed at Airey's Inlet for the summer before heading north for Yamba a few months ago.  She's worked in restaurants all the time and manages to save money and have fun.   Recently she came back to Melbourne and Airey's Inlet and I managed to take a multimedia extravaganza of films and stills of her in action. 

 Here are the movies

In Yamba she's been filming her friends surfing and one of her friends distilled the result .

Cic surfing at Airey's Inlet

Steve (me) surfing at Airey's Inlet. (Some room for improvement in the vids.  No apologies but hope to post more later.



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