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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cousins of my Bicycle


My bikes came from a prototype I built that seemed to work well but its (direct front wheel drive, big front wheel, fixed bottom bracket recumbents) cousins were already out there or developed independantly.  Here are a few examples

Matt Weaver rides a Front Wheel drive Rotator in a World Human Powered Speed Championship race.  Link here and background events here .
This bike was built by Bill Bennett in the United States is front and rear wheel drive. But with the rear wheel chain removed, the whole thing becomes simpler and closer to my bike style.  I only recently discovered this bike on the interweb. Thingy.  Here is the link, it is hard to find more information on this bike.  It has twin derailleurs and both would have to change into the same gear at the same time for the two wheel drive to work. (More searching revealed this discussion and set of photos.  Resourceful Kiwis!

Lastly but definitely not leastly, this front wheel drive, chain drive, big at the front bike has been seen about a billion times on youtube.  Move over Justin Bieber.

 All for now!

Steve Nurse

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