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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012 OzHpv Rally in Myrtleford Part 1

Everton Bus Shelter: Nicely furnished....

Simon W. and Willem fixing a flat

Lloyd & Lloyd & Chris in The Idyl Bookshop and caf in Wangaratta

Simon W. and the Yellow Baron

Lloyd, Lloyd, Wes, Willem, Struan

Deb and Chris
Wangaratta Chronicle

Simon & Graham

Graham after a dip near Wangaratta

Last Sunday my wife Christine & I got back from a bike trip to Myrtleford, "The OzHpv Annual General Meeting and End of Year / what goes on the bike trip stays on the bike trip bike trip" is the grandiose title of the event which I just made up.  Anyway, we had an agenda for the meeting and an agenda for the bike trip and we got on with it.

Wednesday: Drove up to Myrtleford from Melbourne, stopped in the op shop in Benella along the way.  Checked in to the Myrtleford Caravan Park.  Dinner with George Durbridge, Simon Watt, Willem Reid and Christine at the Happy Valley Hotel where George was staying. The host of the Hotel is Mick and we had a fine meal and heard Mick's bush band belt out a few numbers during dinner.

Thursday: Set out to ride from Myrtleford to Wangaratta (50k) quite early with me, Willem and Simon.  Willem bailed it back to Everton quite early, it was hot! There were hills! It was a long way!  Once Willem had turned back I pushed on and caught up with Simon at Everton.  We had a rest and drink, then rode on to Wangaratta at good pace. We met a friend, Deb at the Idyll Book Cafe and also bike riders Wes, Lloyd B.C, Lloyd, Graham who had velomobiled from Melbourne, George who had left Myrtleford early and gone at his own pace.  Struan and Christine had picked up Willem and trike on the way in with the car.  Nice Cafe & Bookshop, we stayed for a while, cooled down, chatted with Deb.  Graham and I went for a swim as we started off for Myrtleford and soon caught up  with Simon on the rail trail.  Hot going with lots of water and rest required.  Graham was knackered by the time we reached Everton, help was called for and he was collected and brought on to Myrtleford by car.  Did I mention it was hot?  Small gathering in our cabin in the evening, after that I settled down after a shower and was soon asleep.

Later on I asked Lloyd how they had gone on the way back to Everton in the afternoon.  He said he and Llloyd B.C. were fine but Wes was not and had slowed to 5kph or so on his trike.  So the Lloyds got out a tow rope and towed Wes back to Everton, two trikes towing a third.  All ok in the end.

Llloyd and his home made trike at Myrtleford

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